On the 3rd of December we will be welcoming Set Designer and stylist Alfie di Trolio AKA Oculus to the Spotlight Market. 
"Oculus is all about objects that catch me the moment I see them and make me want to use them! There's a mix of furniture, lighting and smaller everyday pieces plus lots of curly metal"! 
We caught up with Alfie to find out a little more about Oculus. 
1. Where are you sourcing from at the moment?
Mostly auctions in the UK, Europe and America, plus a few odds and ends that I find along the way when I’m travelling. 
2. Do you have any highlights of the year?
The exhibition design at a totally deserted museum of local archeological finds in a town in the south of Italy. I’m gagging for those benches and display cases, not to mention the rows of ancient amphorae on wriggly metal stands.
3. Best find of the year?
A wrought iron four poster bed, 90s Conran Shop. Loads of absurd curly bits of metal, with extra loops at the top for draping fabrics. Needless to say I’m hanging on to it.
4. One key piece you are bringing with you to the fair?
An enormous wall-mounted lamp in the shape of a shell that’s coming from Spain. Just hope it arrives in time! 
5. Do you have any exciting future plans?  
I have a lot of chairs, so a big dinner in the studio with every one of them filled would be super nice. I might also get around to making that website I’ve been talking about for so long.