On the 3rd of December we will be welcoming Photographer, collector and dealer Toby Ziff of Two Poems to the Spotlight Market! 
Specialising in  post-war modernism, Toby seeks out the most unique and beautiful objects, paintings, ceramics and sculpture. 
We caught up with Toby to see what he has in store for next weeks market. 
1. Where are you sourcing from at the moment?
 Like most people - auctions, markets, eBay and private collections.


2. Do you have any highlights of the year?

I've just bought the most amazing table that was used by the painter John Bratby (1928-1992) as his palette. I'm considering bringing it to the market but it might have to be a keeper. Let's see..

637426113305293175.jpeg 637426113307113355.jpeg


3. Best find of the year? 

Finding a pair of vases by William Staite Murray (1881 - 1962) and one his pupils, Constance Dunn, at Kempton market. Most of the few known vases of hers sit in the V&A so for a pottery collector like myself they were quite the find.


4. One key piece you are bringing with you to the fair?

 A large and very heavy marble sculpture in the manner of Barbara Hepworth.


5. Do you have any exciting future plans?

Not really! I keep flirting with the idea of having a shop or making my next house a by appointment space as well. I'm just excited everyday about what I might find next. The thrill of discovering pots / vases and learning about them fills me with great joy.