Founded in 2022 by interior architect, Olya Johnson and advertising creative, Natalie Vosloo, Relic’s eclectic curation of collectibles ranges from 20th-century art and objects to rarefied antiques. A digital destination for collectors new and established, each of Relic’s listings has been hand sourced at auction houses and fairs across Europe, from capitals of design including Stockholm, Brussels, Paris and London. The result is an evolving, organic collection of storied pieces with great historic and cultural merit.

As a female founding duo, Johnson and Vosloo’s collaborative and inclusive approach to the vintage and antiques industry prioritises collecting calibre, fair price points and a highly editorial digital browsing experience. Together, Olya and Natalie have developed a digital atelier for the conscious consumer; a collector who lives a life surrounded by objects of significance, and who appreciates the individuality that secondary market collectibles lend to contemporary life.